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Graphics Designing Institute in Dharamshala

Graphic design is an art with a purpose; it’s a way of expressing your creativity. It includes creative and systematic planning to achieve certain objectives, by using images, symbols, brochures etc. It’s a study and practice of communicating ideas or concepts using various graphical tools. Graphic design is a visual communication through printed, environmental and digital presentations. Color Theory, Composition, layout and Typography are the main pillars of Graphic Designing.

We are one of the finest Graphic Design institutes in Dharamshala to offer short-time/ part-time courses in Graphic Design, that you can pursue irrespective of your current stream of education. Our Graphic Design courses are designed with industry-standard curriculum, which helps our students to seek best job opportunities immediately after completing their course.

Our web designing course is specialized in innovation, creativity & industry based production. That’s the reason our students have an outstanding employment record locally. Students interested in designing, either as a career or as an essential skill for their personal & professional growth are most welcome. Pixxelu Graphics & Web Design course would enable students to build a strong foundation in visual design and communication, and specialize them in designing a range of marketing collaterals.

Module 1 – Commercial & Digital illustration

  • Visual communication
  • Layouts design
  • Vector illustration
  • Vector VS. Raster
  • Illustrations
  • Colors schemes and theoriespage design
  • Advance techniques of custom logo

Module 2 – Advanced Artistry and Layout

  • Advanced raster techniques
  • Creating collages and makes
  • Image manipulation techniques
  • Images correction
  • Digital painting
  • Custom logo & its color combination
  • Advertisements of products
  • Brochures catalogs
  • Publication designing
  • Web layouts designing

Module 3 – Prepress & Production

  • File formats & printers
  • Digital painting
  • Master page creation
  • Multimedia templates
  • Brochures Designing and its project works
  • Paper sizing, CD printing

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