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Web Master Courses

Easy access to Internet has mandate many companies to come online. Many individual and micro business owners, educational institutes are reaching out to web designers to create a website.Web designing is one of the rapidly growing industries and shows no sign of stopping.

Web Master Course is not just planning and creation of websites, its way beyond. It’s an advanced Web Designing course which includes the information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts etc. It offers a golden opportunity to those who have less or no knowledge of computer, with less financial burden. Web master professionals produce logos, designs, illustrations & photography for use in print & electronic media.Pixxelu Academy is the only Website Designing Institute In Dharamshala that offers Web master course.

Module 1 – Graphics, Web Designing & Mobile UI Designing

With three of the most extremely popular graphic application software’s, Photoshop, Coral and Illustrator, our professional graphic artists will teach not merely the practical operation of those but in addition user-centered design concept, UI and UX, employed by designers today.

Photoshop Course

  • Web Templates, Mobile app UI
  • Application interfaces
  • Designing a web and print Advertisement Media
  • Designing of logos and icons

Illustrator & Coral Draw Course

  • Working with vector graphics
  • Create own graphics with help of line drawings
  • Designing your own character in line drawings
  • Working with Print Media
  • Graphics Concepts
  • Flat Design

Module 2 – Interactive & Web Multimedia for web designing

  • Creating animated contents.
  • Animated web banners and advertisement.

Module 3 – Web Development with Dreamweaver and Notepad ++

When you look at the course you will see to code professional, beautiful, interactive client-facing websites using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript. Our dedicated teacher is always here to aid you. Through the course, you will figure out how to cooperate with other people as a specialist developer

HTML5 Course

  • Getting Started With HTML5
  • Browser Support & Features Detection
  • HTML5 Applications using Java Script & Jquery
  • Form Validation
  • Browser compatibilities

CSS3 Course

  • Working with CSS & CSS3 Rules
  • Special effects with CSS3 like text effects, transformations, Transition, animation & Interfaces, CSS3 Pseudo-classes
  • Display and Visibility, Browser compatibilities

Java Script Course

  • intro to Java Script, Basic Syntax Used in Java Script
  • Basic syntax, data types, control, Structures & functions
  • Event Handling in JavaScript
  • CSS & HTML implementation with JavaScript

JQuery Course

  • Intro to Jquery
  • Basic syntax, data types, control, Structures & functions
  • jQuery animation and advanced effects
  • Defining CSS3 and HTML5 property with jQuery

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