HTML5 & CSS3 Course

HTML 5 is the current major version of HTML. It provides a bunch of new features that will make our pages more significant. It has the new semantic code, plus many inbuilt Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), this makes it a lot easier for search engines and screen readers to navigate. CSS3 includes new properties for layout, effects, graphics, animations, responsive design, background images etc. These languages can reduce the requirement of many third party software and extensive codes.

Pixxelu Academy is providing real time & placement focused HTML5 and CSS3 course in Dharamshala. This course is all about HTML5-CSS3 and its countless features in Web pages and applications. In this course, trainees will start from the basics of HTML5-CSS3 and gradually move to advanced topics like Forms, layouts, Offline Support, Audio & Video, Graphics, Communication API’s, New Javascript web workers, Geo-location etc. They will learn how to implement the new HTML5 and CSS3 features in Web applications and get an understanding about different browser supporting modules. We will train you on HTML5 & CSS3 basics, foundations of JavaScript and jQuery and how to apply this knowledge through Adobe tools to explore the rich web content.

HTML5 Course

  • Website! What exactly is it and just how it really is made?
  • Conventions for Naming for Files and Folders
  • Organizing a HTML5 Website’s Files, Folders, and Code?
  • Creating Quite Happy With HTML5
  • HTML5 Values and Units
  • What exactly is the HTML5 that is typical Structure a web site?
  • What exactly is a relative head section of HTML5?
  • Text Structuring Essentials in HTML5
  • Introducing to Semantic Structure in HTML5
  • Character Formatting Essentials in HTML5
  • HTML5 Lists &HTML5 Links
  • Tables & Frames in HTML5 &Forms in HTML5
  • Colors and Images in HTML5
  • Video and Audio in HTML5 & Special Characters in HTML5?
  • Role and significance of JavaScript in HTML5
  • HTML5 Tricks And Tips

CSS3 Course

  • CSS3 Basics
  • Style Definitions in CSS3
  • CSS3 Values and Units
  • CSS3 Inheritance and Cascading
  • Font Properties in CSS3 &Text Formatting in CSS3
  • CSS3 Lists &Padding, Margins, and Borders in CSS3
  • Colors and Background in CSS3
  • CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning
  • Pseudo Elements and Generated Content in CSS3
  • Dynamic HTML5 with CSS3
  • Media Styles and documents that are defining Printing in CSS3
  • Suggestions to Create Advanced Graphical User Interface Styles Using CSS3
  • Testing and Validating CSS3 & CSS3 Tips and Tricks
  • Coping with Cross Browser Issues in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optimization or compression of CSS3
  • Suggestions to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website in HTML5 & CSS3
  • Optimizing Performance of a webpage

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